DATE: MARCH 13th , 2021.

Hosted by: World Fudokan Federation

INFO NUMBERS: +381 60 3374066 (Aleksandar Simic) +381 62 314912 (Marija Srejic) e-mail: INFO The seminar is available for participants from all over the world.

Seminar will be held in English. Seminar includes 2 trainings (1st training is for children with white, yellow, orange, green and blue belts and 2nd for brown and black belts) and 1 ZOOM meeting will be held for all participants of the seminar where Sensei will answer to all of your questions.

Duration of the first training will be 60 minutes, and the second training 90 minutes. PROGRAM: 13h – 14h (CET time) – training for children with white, yellow, orange, green and blue belts – Fudokan kihon and Heian kata 14:30h – 16h (CET time) – training for brown and black belts – Fudokan kata and Bunkai 17h (CET time) – ZOOM meeting for all seminar participants – Ethical and moral principles of Fudokan – Medical aspect of Fudokan and traumatology – Ask Sensei if you have any questions

Seminar fee for children is 10 EUR and for brown and black belts 15 EUR.

You can make your payment via: Western Union: Name and surname: ILIJA JORGA Country: SERBIA PAYMENT INSTRUCTION: 1. Find the nearest location that provides Western Union money transfer service 2. Submit your valid ID to the site officer 3. To the officer at the location: – Indicate the amount and country to which you want to send the money, – Indicate the name and surname of the recipient, –

Hand over the money you want to send – The money transfer will be done through the Western Union computer system. – You will receive a confirmation with the money transfer control number (MTCN), a ten-digit number, – Send picture of the paper you got on their desk as prove of payment with the information that recipient needs to withdraw money, which are: Transfer control number (ten-digit number), Name and surname of the sender, Country from which the money was sent, The amount you sent. Based on your payment, we will send you ZOOM link to join the training. After the seminar all participants will receive a certificate of participation. Looking forward seeing you all!




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