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Dear Friends: I Hope you are well.
As life is short, and full of challenges, I come to you to present my recent commitment in karate.
All of you may have already heard and know World Fudokan Federation (WFF). It’s just one of the biggest federations in the world, especially in traditional karate. Soke Ilija Jorga, 10th Dan, is a world reference in Traditional Karate. His passion allied to his wisdom makes him a great master and professor. As you know, with over 52 countries associated, with thousands of practitioners around the world, WFF still wants to be greater and more professional federation. Please see the Website:
Therefore, WFF is making the efforts to spread and enlarge the horizons.
Recently, WFF had the will of embracing a new area. Among well recognized personalities in the field of Sports Karate, Sensei Roberto De Luca, founder of Federazione Italiana Karate [FIK] Italy, was nominated to manage this new office in WFF. His character, wisdom and serenity, is well recognized in Sports Karate, and very important to represent this area. His curriculum in Karate, and his vision are very appreciated in WFF, by Soke Ilija Jorga 10º Dan, who as assign Sensei Roberto De Luca for the position of Vice – President for WFF, and President for WFF- Sports Karate.
Prior to this nomination, the new representative of WFF – Sports Karate, had invited me, for General Secretary for this new department. As WFF – Sports Karate, will be totally independent an autonomous, we will be able to conduct Sports Karate Events, regarding and respecting World Fudokan Federation normative.
For this current year there will be our first competition integrated at the 7Th World Fudokan Karate Championship in Cluj – Napoca (ROMANIA), 3rd – 5th November 2017, which we kindly invite you to attend in this great Sports Karate Event, which we want it to be a moment of respect, share and friendship.
We are working hard to provide and development the most accurate information and details and to share our vision about the Sports Karate in World Fudokan Federation. In yet we are available to answer your questions and doubts through or
Karate is already the greatest sport of all times, and one of the biggest modality in the world. With your Organization /Association, we can be bigger and stronger.
Join Us!
All the best , Osu
WFF – Sports Karate
Operational Headquarters: Pavilhão Municipal de Santarém, sala nº2 – Santarem – PORTUGAL
Email: – Phone: +351 966 953 502 or +351 914 776 523
WFF – Headquarters: Belgrade (Servia) – Zoran Dindíc Blvd. 123/v6
Website: I



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